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A payment option that can be integrated to merchant website that will allow customers pay bills directly from their bank accounts instead of using cards.

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Simplified access to an account

Enrolment process is simple, safe and devoid of the cumbersome documentation requirements. Some of these documentation requirements had excluded a vast majority of bankable adult population from accessing financial services over the years.

Cheap and Affordable Services

Provision of cheap and affordable financial services to rural communities: Penetrating remote locations remains a challenge in the formal financial sector. Through our Agent network, we are surmounting this hurdle by taking affordable financial services to rural dwellers who do not have enough savings to open a bank account or able to pay for banking services.

Empowerment of Individuals

Empowerment of Individuals without bank accounts to initiate / consummate financial services: At any time of the day and from any of our locations. As an accredited service point in target communities, our Agent network bridges the gap between high-tech service and low-literacy clients.

Human ATMs

We are resolved to reducing reliance on over-the-counter transactions (in-branch), while at the same time providing personalized services that endear trust and promotes convenience. Our Agent network can be described as “human ATMs” which serve all customer segment types of every bank. In the coming years, we will be extending this proposition to all our subsidiary locations across the world.